Tagless Custom Care Tags
WHY GO TAGLESS? We say, why not? First of all, don't you just hate those annoying itchy tags? Well, so would your customers. Instead you can have your custom Tshirt branded with your company's logo and information on the inside! How is a customer supposed to remember  where they got that great looking T-shirt or garment if they want another and all they see is the known manufacturer instead ? The Custom Tag service is our specialty. We offer this great service at a surprisingly reasonable rate. In fact, most printers have a minimum of 200 or more for this service. We have no minimum on lights and only a minimum of 30 on darks ! Tagless Threads wants to offer you a stress free experience . We even feature a variety of brands that come with tear away tags so you can avoid "un-tagging fees".  You can also design your garments and custom tags on our online designer. We would also like to add we are the first and original company to offer this service on a online garment print designer. Below in detail we show you exactly what goes into taking out the manufacturers original care tag (unless you get tees with tear aways) and replacing it with a great looking imprinted tagless care tag so you can see the process for yourself. Note: We will never cut your tags out like a lot of printers do. When talking to printers about this service make sure that they do not cut corners. If so we don't recommend it, mainly because the remainder of the tag will unravel when washed and it will result in a poor impression on your company.

Manufacturer's Care Tag

Here is the annoying itchy manufacturer's care tag. This tag displays the garment manufacturer's logo and care information. Why not have yours instead? Only yours will be comfortable and custom at the same time !  When presenting your garments to a retail shop they will be impressed to see you have gone above and beyond to take your professionalism to the highest level. This extra little economical service can make a big difference when trying to appeal to the retail market.

Removing Manufacturer's Care Tag

The first step in this process is to remove the manufacturer's care tag. We take a seam ripper and cut the seam. Then we gently remove the seam thread without taking more than needed.

Sewing Seam

After removing the manufacturer's care tag we carefully sew the seam exactly where the original seam thread laid before with our sewing machines.

Printing Your Care Tag

After we sew the seam we are ready to print your logo and care tag information. We offer many inks with this process such as: Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, Metallic Copper, Aqua, Black, Orange, White, Discharge, and a number or Waterbase Inks and a large variety of colors. If you want more than one color no problem ! But we don't suggest it - you can get the same benefit with one color ! We recommend Light Grey or Metallic Silver for whites and other light garments so the ink will not show through as much. The creativity part is all up to you but we are here and will gladly help you along the way !

You may order the Custom Tagless Care Tags service using our Online T-shirt Designer or by requesting a quote via our website. Either way we are happy to meet your needs and we will do it with your budget in mind!